Languages Program

Springfield Central State High School offers students the opportunity to study languages throughout their schooling life. The Junior program is designed to give students an introduction to the language and culture.

In language classes, students build a strong foundation knowledge of not only the language but also the culture through exploring various topics.

Students enhance their knowledge through applying their learning to real-life situations by having the opportunity to host Japanese students when they visit our school, participate in a school overseas trip to Japan and interact with international students from Japan studying English at Springfield. Student learning is also enhanced by the inclusion of curriculum excursions, incursions, and extra curricula activities related to Languages. We believe that Language at Springfield is fun, engaging, challenging and relevant. 

The Languages program is split into two separate categories which include:

Junior Secondary ( Year 7 - Year 10)
Senior Secondary ( Year 11 and Year 12)

At Springfield Central State High School, we currently offer two language courses:

  1. Japanese
  2. Chinese

Junior Language Program Structure:

Year 7 and 8 Languages – Compulsory course (1 term) in both Japanese and Chinese

Year 9 Languages – Elective offered to students for a semester course in Japanese or Chinese

Year 10 Languages – Elective offered to students for a year course in Japanese or Chinese


Year 7 Japanese:

Students undertake study of one unit during the term. Cool and Classy celebrities is where students learn how to discuss biographical information about a person. They will be learning Hiragana script and about Japanese celebrity culture.

Year 8 Japanese:

Students undertake study of one unit during the term. Journey to Japan is where students learn how to discuss travel plans, modes of transport, travel wishes and tourist attractions. Students will also be learning Hiragana script.

Year 9 Japanese:

Students undertake study of two units during the semester. The first unit is Funky Festivals in which students learn how to describe and talk about festival celebrations, learning about the various cultural celebrations that exist in Japan. In the second unit, Fantastic Food, students learn about Japanese cuisine, how to describe the taste of food and discuss daily eating habits.

Year 10 Japanese:

Students who elect to study Japanese in Year 10 will undertake a one year course. The course is designed to prepare students for Senior Japanese in Year 11 and 12 and students study a range of topics including shopping, directions, travel, careers and homestay in Japan.



Year 7 Chinese

Students build a strong foundation knowledge of Chinese language and culture through exploring topics such as greetings, personal information, numbers, dates, family, festivals, colours, body parts, Chinese food, and Chinese dances. They also learn about the basic geography and history China. 

Year 8 Chinese

On top of prior knowledge from Year 7, students extend their knowledge of Chinese language and culture through exploring new topics such as time, daily routines and hobbies. Students develop an understanding that cultural diversity exists and learn the similarities and differences between languages and the two countries.

Year 9 Chinese

Students will be studying the unit – My World and My Lifestyle. These units will examine the lifestyle of students, student relationships with friends, and the family structures in Australia and China. Students will be learning the Western and Chinese family structures, traditions, food cultures, eating habits, school subjects and facilities.  By the end of the semester, students will be able to understand different family structure and lifestyle of students in Australia and China.

Year 10 Chinese

We are hopeful to offer Year 10 Chinese for the first time in 2021. 

Last reviewed 12 June 2020
Last updated 12 June 2020