External Courses


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Some pathways students seek to undertake nationally recognised training by external providers whilst they remain at school.  

All courses and traineeships are advertised to students via student notices, school noticeboards and emails. Students wishing to complete an external training opportunity must have parental permission. Permissions forms are available on this page for download or can be collected at the Senior Pathways Office. 

All students wishing to complete a course will be interviewed by the Senior Pathway team to help ensure they are picking the correct pathway for their future needs as well as outline the expectations of completing an external offering.

Students accepted into an external offering will be asked to ‘drop’ an existing subject, giving them a study line so they can have more time to be successful in their school program and course as well as be supported in the Independent Study Line (ISL) room. ​​

Students in year 11 and 12 who have a study line in period 1 or period 4 may apply for flexi leave. Flexi leave allows students more time to study at home starting the school day at 10.20am or leaving school at 1.30pm. All Flexi leave approvals are granted by the Senior School Deputy Principal. Flexi leave forms are available in the ISL room.

Students wishing to represent Springfield Central State High School must adhere strictly to following our core values "respect, resilience, relationships and responsibility" and ensure attendance; behaviour and academic requirements are met.  In particular students must ensure they catch up on any missed work due to work and study commitments. 

To qualify for an external course students must have demonstrated appropriate behaviour, effort and attendance at school.​

External Courses Offered

To help meet the diverse needs and interests of our school, students are able to access external course options including those run by the TAFE In Schools programs (including WesTec Trade Training Centre), Mater Education, Site Skills Training, Apprenticeships Queensland, Barrington College and Fitnance College. Certificate 1,2,3,4 and Diploma courses are on offer. 

Many certificate I and II courses qualify for Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETis) Funding. It is important to note that all students are only able to access their VETis funding once and as such should choose their course wisely so their funding is​ not wasted. 

We currently have students enrolled in the following courses:

  • Cert I Construction
  • Cert III Engineering—Technical
  • Diploma of Business
  • Cert II/III Health Support Services
  • Cert II Animal Studies
  • Cert II Salon Assistant
  • Cert II Automotive
  • Cert III Design Fundamentals
  • Cert IV Crime and Justice Studies; plus more

School-based traineeships and apprenticeships

School based traineeships and apprenticeships are a combination of school, off the job training (with a Registered Training Organisation) and paid work (with a host employer) that gain credit towards a nationally recognised qualification. 

Students generally spend one day per week in the workplace, however during school holidays, students may be asked to work extra hours by mutual arrangement and negotiation between the student and the host employer. 

We currently have students completing traineeships and apprenticeships in:

  • Hospitality​
  • Hairdressing
  • Childcare
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • IT

Head Start

USQ Head Start is an academic extension program for high achieving students in Year 10, 11 and 12. Students are able to experience university by studying one university subject a semester. 

Why study Head Start? 

Students choose to study a Head Start program because it can give students: 
A taste of university 
Credit towards a related USQ degree 
Entry into a related USQ Degree (as long as prerequisites are met)  
2 Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) points per unit 
The first course is free (and additional courses discounted)  
A large range of courses to choose from.

For more information about Head Start please visit USQ's website.

It is essential that students and their families understand the commitment they are undertaking before the commencement of any course.  Students partaking in a Head Start course will be responsible for completing the necessary learning and assessment required.  USQ expects 10-15 hours of work a week during the semester. It is a school expectation that students maintain passing grades for all other school subjects and remain on track to complete their QCE. 

Springfield Central State High supports students throughout their course by utilising the Senior Pathways staff.  It is a requirement that upon commencement of an external course, students reduce their school subject load by one subject.  It is suggested that this “dropped” subject be an elective subject that falls on the day of the course.  Students will be granted an Independent Study Line (ISL) to catch up on missed class work or to complete course work. All students are expected to self-regulate and manage their time efficiently during these lessons.  Students failing to meet these expectations may be returned to a structured class environment and possibly removed from their course. 

Students undertaking a Head Start course are representing themselves and our school and must demonstrate our school’s core values (Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Resilience) at all times.  This includes:
  • Completing course work on time                                                          
  • Communicating with staff when help is needed 
  • Turning up to class on time 
  • Wearing correct attire 
  • Reporting absences to the Pathways office​


Students must supply their most recent graded report card. The report card must feature a minimum of three (3) senior school subjects and students must have maintained a minimum B average (or 70% or higher).  Acceptance into the course is determined by USQ. 
Students choosing to participate in Head Start in Year 11 and 12 are classified as being in the “Ranking” Pathway and may choose up to 3 General subjects (including General English).  The Ranking Pathway is an alternate way for students to gain entry to university and an ATAR will not be needed. Students doing the Head Start Ranking pathway will have entry to USQ upon successful completion not other universities. 

The Springfield Central VET team

For any queries please contact:

Jo Andrews—Head of Department Pathways​

Alison Russell—Administration

Alison Summerville​—Independent Study Line supervisor ​

Last reviewed 29 August 2022
Last updated 29 August 2022