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Class times

​Monday - Friday
​Technology Bell ​8:45am
​Care Class ​9:00am
​Period 1 ​9:10am
Period 2 ​10:20am
​First Break ​11:30am
​Period 3 ​12:10pm
​Second Break ​1:20pm
​Period 4 ​1:50pm
​End of School ​3:00pm​


  • Parent/carers must contact the school to inform us of your absence.
  • If notification of your absence is not received an SMS will automatically be sent to parent/carer.
  • Attendance at school is compulsory by law if you are under 17 years of age and have not completed Year 10.

Arriving Late

  • All students, regardless of distance travelled to school or mode of transport used, are expected to arrive at school by 8:55am.
  • If you arrive during roll marking time, you must report immediately to your CARE class.
  • If you arrive after 9:05am you must report to the student services to
    be provided with a Late Pass.
  • A note of explanation will be required for this to be reflected as an approved lateness.
  • If you arrive late to school regularly, contact with parents will occur.

Leaving Early

  1. Present a note from your parent/caregiver to the Student Services before CARE class. You will be issued with a “Request to Leave” pass. This is not a leave pass.
  2. Present this pass to your teacher at the time indicated (ie: when you need to leave) to gain permission to leave and report to the
    Student Reception at the officeto sign out.
  3. Report to the Student Reception of the Office. Present your “Request to Leave” pass to the administration staff. You will be issued a “Leave Pass”.

Parents collecting students early MUST contact the School Office. Students will be issued a detention level if they make contact with the parent via their mobile phone during school hours. Contact must first be made with the
school office.

Leaving School Grounds for Lunch

  • NO student may leave the school grounds during the day.
  • There are no lunch passes issued.