questionWhat is BYOD  and how does it work?

BYOD is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students  use their privately owned devices to access the network and information systems in an educational setting.

The schools wireless systems is currently capable of handling the BYOD Program but we will be looking to upgrade areas when they require.

Is buying a BYO device for my child compulsory?

All students at SCSHS require a device for their learning. Instead of a BYOD, students may opt to hire a device from the school (refer to School Hire Devices web page). If your student is unable to participate in either the BYOD or Hire programs please contact the school for support.

Is there a fee to use the BYOD network?

There is an optional BYOD Fee of $35 per year, per student that can be paid. This provides additional support for students with devices.

these include:

  • ​Data Recovery (if possible)

  • General Troubleshooting

  • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

  • Warranty Job Processing

  • Access to loan devices if needed 

Normal connectivity troubleshooting is part of the BYOD program.

Will computer rooms still exist with the BYOD program?

Computer rooms will still exist at Springfield Central State High, but some rooms will be gradually returned to traditional teaching rooms. The computer rooms that will remain will be exclusively used for specialised computer subjects such as Graphics, Information Technology  and Media Courses. 

Do I need to buy AntiVirus software for my device? 

Yes. It is a requirement that you have Antivirus software installed on your personal device and be Upto date. This will be checked prior to connecting to the network. Windows devices will not connect unless the machines AntiVirius is upto date.

I have Microsoft Family Features enabled on the device - will this cause any issues with the school software?​

Yes, at this time Microsoft Family Features is unable to be used with our Joiner software.

What brand and specifications does the school recommend?

As a government school, we are unable to recommend a particular brand or computer vendor.

As for specifications, it is a personal choice. Please see the Device Selection page for more information about selecting a device.

Most computer vendors around Springfield are aware of the BYOD program and can make recommendations for you based on your own personal needs and budget.​

How do I sign up to the BYO Program and when can I bring my device to school?


Please refer to this webpage.

Is the school able to fix faults that the BYO device may develop? 

If the student has paid for the additional Tech Support fee school technicians will be about to troublshoot issues with devices. School technicians will not be performing repairs to devices. All other hardware or software faults must be handled by the manufacturer or computer vendor.

Can my child charge their device at school? 

Yes, however the facilities to do this are limited. Students must ensure that they charge their device at home everyday and conserve their battery during the school day. 

Will Apple products work with the school network? 

Yes. Apple products will work with the school network.

What operating systems will not work with the school network?

Linux operating systems, Android devices, Google Chrome OS and windows mobile will not work with BYOD wireless systems.


The battery of my BYO device is flat. What can I do? 

You should get a warning that your battery is going flat. Save your work to a USB, ask your teacher for a note, and you can go work on one of the school desktops in the library.

If you need to charge your device, you need to ask your class teacher and follow their directions, as this will prevent devices being damaged or cords becoming trip hazards. 

Can students use their devices in the lunch areas or outside classrooms during breaks? 

We advise that students don’t use their devices in outside lunch areas during both first and second lunch. If students wish to conduct school work on their devices during this time, they should make use of the areas in the Library. Using laptops outside during the busy periods of morning tea and lunch increases the chance of accidental damage and lost property.

My device has been damaged at school. Who pays for it and what is the process? 

The owner of the device looks after the device. The school will act in accordance with the Responsible Behaviour Plan for students who have intentionally damaged other students property. All repairs or replacement of device is the responsibility of the device owner. The BYOD Student Charter suggests investigating some form of insurance for the device.​ 

Last reviewed 27 January 2021
Last updated 27 January 2021