COVID-19 School Management


​26 March 2020                                         

Dear parents and caregivers

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we have been closely following Department of Education directives, which are based on the advice of Queensland Health.

I thank you for your patience as we have worked through these challenging times. Your support has allowed us to maintain a focus on teaching and learning  and some normality of routine for the children of our school.

The Queensland Government has today announced that an additional five (5) Student Free Days will be in place next week, from Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April inclusive.


This means the Term 1 break will start early for students and your child will not attend school next week, unless they are children of essential workers or vulnerable children, such as those in out-of-home care.  Please note there is no need to contact the school regarding absences next week. 

Essential workers are those that must currently continue to attend their workplace during this difficult time and supervision will be provided at our school for children of these workers where required during the week of 30 March to 3 April inclusive.

If you are an essential worker and wish to send your child to school to be supervised next week you must ensure your child is well and not displaying any signs of illness.

The Student Free Days have been provided to allow Queensland state school staff opportunities to plan for the delivery of learning in the event that the education sector needs to move to flexible and remote learning for students at the commencement of Term 2.

School will resume on Monday 20 April unless health advice determines otherwise. Further information on the return of students to school for Term 2 will be provided over the Term 1 break.

I realise these latest developments may create challenges for parents and caregivers, both in terms of disruption for students and for families who need to manage supervision of children at home. Please be assured that the decision has only been taken as a necessary response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

The Department of Education will continue to keep all principals up-to-date with any further changes to schooling over the coming days and weeks and I will continue to provide parents with this information as it becomes available. Further information for parents, including Questions and Answers has been developed by the Department of Education and can be found here.

Supporting Learning at Springfield Central SHS

Teachers have prepared lessons for all their classes for Week 10 and these have been sent to students via their school email account.  Please check with your student and work with them to complete the work provided.

If you would like to support your child's learning further next week, a newly established learning@home website has been developed by the Department of Education and can be accessed at This site contains a range of student learning material and other high quality education websites that will help your child's learning.


Find attached a handout – How Springers Learn from Home to assist your student transfer from the classroom to home learning. Please note that online learning is not able to replace the learning experiences that occur inside the classroom. Teachers have worked hard to make the work sent home relevant and engaging.


All information has been updated on the front page of the School's website for your information.  I have included some helpful links for families to assist during these difficult times.


Children of essential workers who may be attending school please note that the buses will continue to operate and the school canteen will be open. The menu will be limited and students should order food for both breaks before school from 8.30am. We will review the feasibility of opening the Canteen after Monday 30 March, 2020. At the beginning of the day Year 7 and 8 students are to go the undercover area near F Block, Years 9 and 10 – Hall, Years 11 and 12 under I Block. Students are to bring their own device to school to access learning.

You are also encouraged to stay informed of the latest health developments relating to COVID-19 by regularly visiting the Queensland Health website:

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work together to support and educate your children during this difficult and unprecedented time.

If you have any questions please email the school using the following address –  Check the website first – information there may answer your question/s. 


Yours Truly

Anne Lawson


Springfield Central SHS

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Last reviewed 03 April 2020
Last updated 03 April 2020