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Uniform shop

Telephone: (07) 3470 6234

​Location: See School Map

Payment Options: Cash; EFTPOS

It is highly recommended uniforms are purchased in December to avoid waiting times and unavailability of stock in January.

Volunteers are always welcome during this busy time.  

During School Terms Only​ ​ ​
​Monday ​Tuesday ​Wednesday ​Thursday ​Friday
​8am - 10am ​​8am - 10am ​8am - 10am
​2pm - 4pm ​Closed

Uniform Shop - Extended Opening Hours

December 2018

Monday​ 3rd December            8am -11am

Tuesday 4th December           8am – 11am

                                            2pm - 4pm

Wednesday 5th December     8am – 11am  

Thursday 6th December          2pm – 4pm

Friday 7th December                8am – 11am


Monday 10th December          8am – 11am

Tuesday 11th December          8am - 11am

Wednesday 12th December    8am – 11am

Thursday 13th December         2pm - 4pm

Friday 14th December              8am - 10am

January 2019

Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January - By appointment only

Appointments can be made online between 

3rd December 2018 and 13th January 2019



Monday 21st January              8.30am – 3.30pm

Tuesday 22nd January           11am – 5pm

Wednesday 23rd January         8.30am – 3.30pm             

Thursday 24th January           8.30am – 3.30pm

Friday 25th January                8am – 2pm


Monday 28th January           CLOSED

Tuesday 29th January             8am– 1pm

Wednesday 30th January       8am – 1pm

Thursday 31st January            1pm – 4pm

Friday 1st February                  8am – 1pm

Exchanges are available when the uniform is unworn, with the tag still attached, exchanges are available when the uniform is unworn, with the tag still attached and in its original packaging. 

*All school bags will not be refunded or exchanged if there is general wear and tear. Faulty bags will be sent back to the manufacturer for their decision (2-4 weeks) if there is a manufacturing fault.

*There is NO Warranty on the Permapleat Sport Bag.

School Uniform ONLY (7, 8, 9)

Sports Uniform:

Polo Shirt
House Polo on Wednesday's Only
Unisex Shorts, Skirt, Culottes
Black Shoes (as per details below)
White Socks (no wording, logos or symbols)
Pullover, Track Top
Track Pants
Everyday: Cap, Hat, Bag (with logo)

School Uniform ONLY (10, 11, 12)

Formal Uniform: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Shirt, Blouse & Tie
Pants (black, dark navy socks)
Shorts (long school socks) Boys ONLY
Black Stockings, White Socks (no wording, logos, symbols) Girls ONLY
Belt, Lace-up
Shoes (as per details below)
Pullover (winter)

Sports Uniform: Wed ONLY

Polo Shirt or House Polo
Unisex Shorts, Skirt, Culottes
Black Shoes (as per details below)
White Socks (no wording, logos or symbols)
Pullover, Track Top
Track Pants

Everyday: Cap, Hat, Bag (with logo)
Year 12 Senior Jersey: Mon, Wed, Fri

Uniform Policy

Footwear - Shoes
Due to safety regulations, students are required to wear enclosed footwear that adequately protects their feet. It is also critical that shoes have arch support and good protection on the sole as well
as protection for the top of the foot.
  • When wearing the sports uniform students may choose to wear black lace-up sports or school shoes.


All long hair (boys & girls) is required to be tied back out of the face with hair ties. Radical hairstyles are discouraged and parents are requested to consider whether a particular hairstyle is appropriate for school before the child has it done. Hair colours must be ‘natural’ in nature and the use of shaving or tinting to create distinct patterns or ‘Mohawk’ is not acceptable. Hair
accessories other than plain navy are not permitted.

All students are expected to wear a school approved and initialled hat during lunch breaks and when required in the conduct of lessons at the school (outdoor Physical Education lessons) or for sporting, cultural or excursion events held off campus.

The following guidelines are provided for students and parents
  • Small sleepers and small studs only to be worn in ears and a limit of 2 per ear is set
  • Only one small/natural coloured nose stud may be worn - No other facial (no spikes, spacers or bars) or tongue piercings at all.
  • Watches may be worn
  • One signet/ small ring per hand and permanent bangles which are not loose fitting
  • Students wearing unsuitable jewellery will be advised to remove the items. Failure to comply with this instruction or persistent disregard for uniform policy will lead to lunch detentions. Failure to attend detentions may lead to after school detentions and/or suspension.
  • Students who wish to wear commonly accepted religious or cultural artefacts/jewellery which do not comply with the above guidelines may submit a written application through their parent/caregiver wear the said item.
Students are expected to purchase and use a P&C endorsed school bag with the school logo on the bag. Exceptions to be negotiated with the Principal.

Students must not wear any overt make-up unless approval has been granted for medical reasons. Only foundation make-up (skin tone) may be worn for sun protection. Nail polish, acrylic or gel nails, if worn, should be restricted only to a clear colour.
Students not complying with these guidelines will be required to remove the make-up/ nail polish/ acrylic or gel nails and parents will be notified.

Under Shirt
The only acceptable under shirt that may be worn is a white collarless T-shirt that may show at the neck only and no other part of the under shirt should be seen. The bottom of the shirt must be tucked in and sleeves should not extend below the sleeve of the uniform.

Winter Wear
The following additions have been included for the winter period
  • Scarf – school P&C approved scarves with the school logo are only permitted
  • Beanie – no beanies are permitted at any time
  • Gloves – students are able to wear plain navy blue (to match the uniform) gloves with no colours, insignias, logos, wording or symbols
  • Blankets – no blankets or similar are items are permitted (long sleeve polo shirt, tracksuit, jumper and blazer are available as part of the uniform)

Uniform Free Days
Generally, one day per term is set aside in the school calendar for a non uniform day as a fund-raiser for a charity or student council project. Students pay a gold coin donation for the privilege of wearing non uniform. It is expected that students will wear clothing appropriate for an educational environment, adhering to workplace health and safety requirements (enclosed footwear) and refraining from wearing revealing and/or offensive garments.

Girls: One-piece swimming costume or Sun-safe swimming two piece. Bikini’s are not acceptable swimwear. 

Boys: Speedos or football style short shorts with no pockets or Sun-safe swimming two piece. Underwear, including boxer shorts, or long shorts are not acceptable swimwear.
Jewellery is not to be worn in the swimming pool and must be removed or taped prior to swimming.

During Physical Education, Sporting and Dance Classes

Students are permitted to wear plain black leggings; tights; lycra type shorts

No noticeable colours, writing, major logos, stitching or panelling

Must be of suitable length

Students must be changed